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The Involved Citizen - Common Sense Revisited

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Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality
        by LTC Tim Ryan, World Tribune, January 18, 2005

ACFR Newsgroup Items

Regarding the conflicts in 'civilized' parts of the world, like the Mid-East and Northern Ireland, and even regarding our local conflicts with the Indians, HE WHO SEEKS EQUITY MUST DO EQUITY.

An important recently published book is a cautionary tale regarding how we should be aware of our "news" sources:

Please read, "Bias" Bernard Goldberg, Regnery Publishing Inc.,
and, "Bernie Non Grata," January 2, 2002, the Wall Street Journal
The European Union...Another 'Union of Socialist Republics?'  Viva Italia.
Please read, "Italy's Leader Stands Accused of  Euro-Heresy" by Michael Gonzalez, The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, January 16, 2002.
The Globalization Debate

10 Reasons Why the Internet Is No Substitute for a Library, by Mark Y. Herring

Christopher Columbus and the "Indians"...Facts and Deductions

Thoughts From Other Involved Citizens

"China is not some paper tiger," by Robert Maginnis

Freedom of Speech and Related Letters to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal

"Annual Roundup of Liberal Hate Speech," by Jeff Jacoby

"When Truth Becomes a Negative", by Cal Thomas

Trust - and the Fourth Estate

"Rigging the Scales of Justice," by Bob Barr
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The Health of Nations

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