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The topic today is DISTRACTIONS: issues of public life and private life, for both practising Roman Catholics and potential non-Catholics, in which the Church Hierarchy injects itself stridently and unnecessarily - while giving short shrift to real matters of Faith and Morals for which the Laity needs guidance and reinforcement. 
All this, and more, continues to distract the Hierarchy from its opportunities and responsibilities regarding those issues which are truly important - morally and pragmatically: Abortion; support of the greatest vocation, the Priesthood, in this, the Year of the Priest"; and the permanency of Marriage in an age where nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce - and where too many more are perceived to end in what is now considered by many the Catholic "Mulligan": Annulment.  This last subject, "Annulment in the Catholic Church" will be the topic of my next statement, currently being researched. 
I can hear it now: "And who are you to make these pronouncements and to take the Hierarchy to task"?  Well, William Donohue of the Catholic League does a fine job of defending Church positions and actions on a regular basis.  On the other hand, "if not me, who"...and this from a life-long and loyal Roman Catholic?


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