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Rapid Response for SATURDAY, September 21, 2013

Pope Francis is a surge of fresh air flowing through the window that Pope John XXlll opened with the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's.  It's unfortunate that Pope Paul VI and his followers in the subsequent decades placed a heavy drape over it for so long.  The result has been the avoidable diminution of the Church and of the Roman Catholic Faith in the lives of so many in the world. 

But one cannot understand the  promise that this new pontiff brings to the Laity, the Body of the Church, by merely reading the "racy" media accounts of his long (over three sessions) interview with fellow Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, held in August, 2013.  Abortion. Contraception. Homosexuality.  Nothing has changed - yet - regarding the Church's teachings on these subjects. What has changed is the proper emphasis on the person who may be involved.  As my father said frequently - and as Pope Francis paraphrases - "There is a God in every man".

But let's look at these Church teachings.  Here I insert my firm opinions, well articulated in the Category in this web-site (Abortion, Morality and Ethics) under Catholic Church, "What's Wrong,( or Right,) With the Catholic Church.".

Abortion, the intentional killing of a human being from the moment of conception, is a non-negotiable Wrong - unless legitimately performed to save the Life of the mother.

Contraception was foolishly equated by Pope Paul VI and his followers with Abortion and thus "threw the baby out with the bath water".  Here I refer only to contraception practiced by two committed married persons in the discharge of their duty to bring into the world only those children whom they can reasonably raise. In this case, THE CHURCH HAS NO JURISDICTION.  Similarly, and only in the above context, the related "Unitive Function" of sexual intercourse is ridiculous.  Perhaps, in time, Pope Francis will address this self-inflicted wound of the Church.

Homosexuality is now being identified scientifically as a biologic occurrence, in the womb and possibly in the DNA, and not a "Choice".  Here the Church does not have a few centuries, as it took with basic Astronomy, to get it right. 

In any case, please read this insightful interview in the original, as offered herewith, whatever your religion or faith.  


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