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    Nearly 50% of all moneys spent in this country for Medical Care is life-style-related.

    That is, a massive amount of money spent by both private citizens and by the government on health care is the direct result of people ignoring well established advice regarding food, alcohol, tobacco, exercise, and stress management.  And that doesn't count the millions who just drop dead, and who are thus lost to family, friends, and society.

    A case can be made that - rather than spending too much of the Gross National Product on Health Care in this country, we are spending not enough, and are spending it unwisely.   But, no one would support the current gross waste of resources resulting from our over-weight, over-juiced, smoking, stressed out couch potatoes - a fair portrait of many Americans  today.

    The easiest of these problems to bring under control is smoking.  It would also be the single most effective modification in life-style to produce massive immediate personal and public health benefits.  Whether by declaring  nicotine a controlled drug and by prohibiting all tobacco advertising  by federal law, or by assisting a willing smoker in stopping the use of tobacco,  it can be done.  Society just needs to express its will - by the political process;  and  an individual just needs to decide that he or she is willing  NOW to give up his “friend” for life.

    For the individual, the will and the decision to stop smoking is absolutely vital.  Without it, there can be no success.  With the will and the decision, there is now a very effective treatment program  that works!  It involves a cooperative effort with your physician involving a personal relationship, the temporary use of an alternate nicotine delivery device (e.g., nicotine patch), and the medication Bupropion (Welbutrin, Zyban).  With this approach,  smoking cessation can  very often be accomplished  within one  to three months.  And it can be permanent.

    SO, DECIDE!  Then notify your physician of your decision.  Ask the physician for scientific and moral support.  And ask about the simultaneous use of Bupropion and a mild alternative nicotine delivery device for a limited period of time.
Remember: you must pick a day, within one month, when you will smoke your last cigarette  forever.  A “non-smoker” smokes zero cigarettes.  A “smoker” smokes one or more cigarettes a day, or  a week, or a month!



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