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The Stem Cell Research Issue

The "dissembling miscreants" are again out in force.  The only candid statement that I have heard from proponents of unfettered destruction of human embryos occurred on the Jim Lehrer Report last night.  The person being interviewed noted that, without desired legislation, researchers "would run out of RAW MATERIAL" for their noble work.  Shades of Nazi Germany and Dr. Mengele.

As already proposed in an earlier offering in this section, "let's make a deal".  First, have Congress pass a law declaring human life to exist and to be protected under the U.S.Constitution from the moment of conception, thereby beginning the process of testing the legality of abortion in this country, once and for all time.   At the same time, pass Federal legislation greatly standardizing and facilitating adoptions throughout the nation.  In addition, provide mechanisms for couples seeking in-vitro fertilization to partner with couples who would want to give birth to the inevitable extra embryos resulting from this process.  Only then, provide a Federally stipulated method by which any embryos remaining from this procedure might, with the permission of the parents, be sacrificed for the public good through peer reviewed medical research whose research results, whether privately or publically funded, would carry no profit motive or financial incentive.  Meanwhile, President Bush was entirely right to veto the current bill.

Now, let's hear from a few good and ethical leaders.


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