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Rapid Response for January 11, 2009

MONDAY through SUNDAY, JANUARY 5 through 11
, 2008

In keeping with a "Culture of Death" that modern society seems to be obsessed with, the current media rage has to do with the "End-Times", Armageddon, the Rapture, the dire predictions of Nostradamus and others, "The Seven Deadly Sins" and the 'seven ways" in which the world can meet its end.  It is now alleged that all of the predictors point to "2012" or around 2040 as the time when the curtain falls on humanity.  Much of this is of a piece with what I consider an oxymoron: Athiestic Scientists.  Based on all evidence available to humans regarding the existence of God...whether "more likely than not", or "clear and convincing evidence", or "beyond a reasonable doubt", and based on the total absence of evidence to the contrary, any scientist who remains an athiest after his or her studies should be considered delusional or in denial...and totally untrustworthy.  And therein lies the ultimate salvation of human beings. 
Among the usual mechanisms predicted for the End-Times, Fire, Flood, Pestilence, Famine, Black Holes, meteors, exploding or extinguished stars (like our Sun) etc., the only mechanism that is - so far - under our control is the exponential increase of  "artificial intelligence" in our computers and related inventions.  The alarm has already been sounded regarding this threat.  See Raymond Kurzweil's book entitled "The Singularity Is Near", as well as the many books and articles on the "Singularity": the precise time when our creation, artificial intelligence, achieves and then immediately exceeds our human intelligence.  At that time, estimated by Kurzweil's calculations to arrive in 2040, our machines will have the power to subjugate and even destroy humanity. 
Two points here.  First, and speaking personally, I have no fear or dread regarding any end-times, so long as my last words in life are not "You Stupid Ass".  We should not be the creators of our own demise...but we are certainly on that path, all in the name of "science", greed, and - for some - athiesm.  Secondly, if we do not prevent the arrival of the Singularity", assuming that God has not decided to end his experiment with Man and his free will beforehand, at the precise time that Man is deprived of his free will by Man's creation, God will implement His end-times.  And so, unless we act soon to make a critical course correction regarding "progress", 2040 sounds about right.   Folks, believe, pray, and don't be your own "stupid ass".

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