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RAPID RESPONSE (Archives)...Daily Commentary on News of the Day
This is a new section.  It will offer fresh, quick reactions by myself to news and events of the day, day by day, in this rapid-fire world of ours.  Of course, as in military campaigns, a rapid response in one direction may occasionally have to be followed by a "strategic withdrawal" in another direction.  Charge that to "the fog of war", and to the necessary flexibility any mental or military campaign must maintain to be effective.  But the mission will always be the same: common sense, based upon facts and "real politick", supported by a visceral sense of Justice and a commitment to be pro-active.  That's all I promise.

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THURSDAY through SATURDAY, December 27 through 31, 2005



MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, December 26 through 28, 2005

THE END IS NEAR...the end of the year, that is.  On balance, this has been a difficult year for Americans.  And the antics of our dysfunctional federal givernment have not made it any easier to cope with things like the Middle East and with natural disasters.  For that, "a pox on both their houses"...both Republican and Democrat.  Everything has been politicized beyond recognition 1) Iraq: this administration never conducted the post-war effectively, failing to establish security initially and thus losing the confidence of the Iraqi people in our ability to protect them and to improve their lot; the Democrats continually undercut both the administration and by extension the efforts of our military.  2) Katrina: Democrats and Republicans keep trying to pin the tail on the donkey or on the elephant, while recovery efforts and pace are abysmal.  Both the administration and the Congress are to blame here.  Even the rebuilding of New Orleans is being trivialized by ridiculously low projections of time and cost needed, while the experts' estimates are five to ten times higher.  3) Public Education continues to produce numbers that should make any "educator" blush: low literacy, science and math skills right through the college years.  4) Homeland Security, the charge of this administration, reportedly not much better than on 9/12, while Democrats try to blindfold our forces against our enemies with shrill and unsubstantiated claims of attacks on our rights.  5) Energy Independence, not even on the radar screen.

Who will lead us out of this political wasteland?  Surely not all these incumbents, the vast majority holding "safe seats".  So let us demand term limits, loophole-less election reform, and an end to gerrymandering that "shocks the conscience".   What America needs today is another grass-roots revolution similar to that of the "Nader Revolution" of decades ago.  Let's make that goal our New Year's Resolution.  Folks, we can't go on this way; we aren't that strong.


SUNDAY, December 25, 2005


Whatever our Faith or system of beliefs, there is more that unites us than separates us.  In fact, as suggested in a magazine article published months ago, we all may have been hot-wired by our "Intelligent Designer" to yearn for our return to our origin.

All the organized religions existing in the world today were preceded by a multitude of belief systems held by our ancestors.  See any comprehensive work on antiquities, or see the recent book entitled "1491" - about the original ancestors of the inhabitants of the "New World", going back several hundred thousand years.  (In fact, the original "indians" may have been Poles!, having come across the Bering land bridge.

But let's get back to today.  An article today in the Denver Post addresses the relatively rare concurrence in time of Christmas and Hanukkah and how dual-belief families cope ("Families Weather Calendar Collision", by Eric Gorski, Sec. C1).  They cope generally quite well, partly due to the fact that Christians consider themselves of Jewish origin also.  Is it so important for us out our preliminary lives before our return to God / Yahweh / Allah... to agree on one or on two visits from the Messiah, or to take issue with those who do not accept the prophet Jesus' God-ship, or even to vilify those who don't believe in God at all?

The important thing is that the merciful God who created us all in His image will sort it all out soon enough - including the atheists...although He may give them a special remedial assignment before they return.



TUESDAY through SATURDAY, December 20 through 24, 2005


MONDAY, December 19, 2005

The furor over "domestic spying", as the Democrats and their fellow travellers call it.  First of all, in my humble opinion, in-coming or out-going international calls are not "domestic".  Secondly, the applicable statutes are evidently far from clear on the intent of their scope and effect..."arguable" is the appropriate word.  Thirdly, whatever you think of the relative powers of Congress and the Presidency, in great flux since Watergate, the veritable state of war in which we find ourselves will cause the vast majority of Americans to give great deference to the Commander-in Chief.  That is why I believe that the Democrats are now in a game of strip poker, considering even betting the "impeachment" chip...and that they will lose their shirts and more.  By all means, let's have an investigation of the issue, consistent with national security, as soon as Feingold, Feinstein and company catch their collective breath.


SUNDAY, December 18, 2005


FRIDAY and SATURDAY, December 16 and 17, 2005

Don't try to find a pattern in this pot pourri.


THURSDAY, December 15, 2005

Today, December 15, 2005, the day that successful democratic elections took place in Iraq, will one day be considered a pivotal day in the legacy of President George W. well as a pivotal day for the success of some sort of democracy in the Middle East.  To support this perspective, I can offer nothing better than the following interview with Bernard Lewis, Princeton Professor of Middle East Affairs, and long-time advisor to presidents.  All this should go a long way to relieving what commentator Norman Podhoretz has termed "the panic over Iraq".


MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, December 12 through 14, 2005

There are some good Democrats out there.  I used to be one, until they left me.  Now I try to get responsible Republican positions some understanding and traction, as the following author is doing.


SATURDAY and SUNDAY, December 10 and 11, 2005 GS

THURSDAY and FRIDAY, December 8 and 9, 2005


MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, December 5 through 7, 2005

"...A DAY THAT WILL IN INFAMY."  Let us all remember that lesson, as some Americans urge returning to the days of appeasment, "America First" and "Fortress America".  It didn't work then.  It won't work now...and the stakes are even higher.

And now for some other items, some of which might be considered comic relief. GS

SATURDAY and SUNDAY, December 3 and 4, 2005


FRIDAY, December 2, 2005

On immigration, you can see that the following is entirely consistent with my earlier comments.


THURSDAY, December 1, 2005

More on "Intelligent Design" and the Theory of Evolution.  Thanks to the continuing fine efforts of Sean Nunley, Editor of the monthly newsletter published by Knights of Columbus, Seaside Council #17, New London, Ct., the following is offered verbatim on the subject of Church Teaching and Evolution.


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