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Medical Marijuana / Cannabinoids Topics
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How smoking cannabis can increase the risk of suicide in young individuals

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"CANNABIS AND THE VIOLENT CRIME SURGE", by Allysia Finley (in WSJ June 7, 2022, Opinion pA15). 

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Rapid Response for SUNDAY, June 2, 2019


An opinion article in by Bishop Robert Middleton (May 31, 2019) tries to make a case for legalizing recreational marijuana. "Close, but no cigar". There are abundant medical, psychological and social reasons why this is a bad idea. And legalization would send the wrong signal, broadly increasing use. It should be kept illegal, with penalties and sanctions more directed toward identification of persons at risk, information, mental health care and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the availability and controlled use of Medical Marijuana should be increased. It helps.

"Google Reportedly Under Antitrust Scrutiny By U.S. Regulators." (in The Day June 2, 2019). IT'S ABOUT TIME! The Wild West has produced over 400 billionaires who do not share...and has destroyed the meaning of personal privacy. And the arrogant Facebook is the worst.

Three articles related to America's economic status and prospects should be read in tandem:
a) "Economic Expansion Has Been Squandered", by Paul Choiniere (Editorial, The Day, June 2, 2019).
b) "The GOP's Duty: Explain the Cost Of 'Free'", by Bobby Jindal (in WSJ May 30, 2019, Opinion, pA17).
c) "Trump - Trade Wars - U.S. Policy" (in Washington Post June 2, 2019), by Jeanne Whalen et al.).

What should be clear here is that the U.S. economy has been allowed - and has been manipulated by forces within and without the country - to become a Potemkin Village, thanks to the battle cry: "GREED IS GOOD". President Trump, himself a product of that "system", has determined in his new role to turn that all around. In this effort, he is being thwarted at every turn, predictably, by the forces that created that mess. Thus, he has few tools and weapons at his disposal. Tariffs and negotiations (with both carrot and stick) are his main and possibly only mechanisms. He should be given every opportunity by the people to re-build that Village. Certainly the perpetrators, Democratic and Republican, in office and in industry, will not be so inclined. Thus, the importance of the 2020 election.


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Rapid Response for SUNDAY, May 12, 2019


Whether it be regarding this subject, or about Global Warming or about many other politicized and cash-weaponized subjects, "Science" today "ain't what it used to be". In fact, it sometimes resembles Mustang Ranch.
See the article by Alex Berenson, the author of a recently published book entitled:
"Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness And Violence".

The article: "Weeding Out Dubious Marijuana Science" (in WSJ May 6, 2019, Opinion, pA19).


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