George A. Sprecace M.D., J.D., F.A.C.P. and Allergy Associates of New London, P.C.

Dermatology / Allergy
1) Dermatologic Emergencies
2) Atopic Dermatitis. One of two types is clearly allergic and is very responsive to allergy diagnosis and treatment. A new biologic agent, Dupixent, is also useful, in my experience.
3) Urticaria (hives), acute, recurrent or chronic, is mostly an allergic condition - but may have many other causes. It often requires a detailed allergy and medical evaluation for identification and resolution - when we are fortunate.
4) Contact Dermatitis. A "delayed-type" hypersensitivity reaction. "Poison Ivy" is the prototype, as is nickel / metal sensitivity, but the list is almost endless. It may require patch testing by a Dermatologist.


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