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The Involved Citizen - Common Sense Revisited

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"Ben Stein's Confessions", Ben Stein

"Islam's Imperial Dreams", Efraim Karsh

"The Man in the Arena", Teddy Roosevelt

A Message from an Appalled Observer, Unknown

Is Democracy for Everyone
        by Dr. Myron Schoenfeld

"Citizen Armey",
        by Dick Armey, the Wall Street Journal, Wed. Jan 8, 2003, Opinion, pA14

"Don't Know What To Say? Listen."
        by Jim Heinrich, Mensa, Jan. 2003, No 461, p16.

"American Conservatism - To Preserve What We Have,"
        by William F. Buckley Jr., The Wall Street Journal, Opinion, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002, p A18.

"There Must Be A Real Reason For Bush's Success,"
        by Daniel Henninger, The Wall Street Journal, Opinion, Friday Dec. 13, 2002, p A16

"Thirty Years of Progress - Mostly,"
        by Robert L. Bartley, The Wall Street Journal, Wed., Nov 20, 2002, Opinion, pA20.

"Don't Legalize Drugs",
        by John P. Walters, The Wall Street Journal, Friday, July 19, 2002, Opinion Section, pA10

The Disintegration of Integrity

This Short Word Shouldn't have to be Repeated,"  by Chuck Potter

"Regarding Child Custody and the Rights of Homosexuals  and Transsexuals".   When I was in law school studying Family Law in 1983, I forced myself to take on the task of addressing the above question for a course paper.  The problem was that I thought the answer was clear: no rights.  Wrong, then and now.  I still consider homosexuality an unfortunate - and in many cases even an aberrant - life style.  But the issue here is "the best interests of the child".  In that context, there is a lot more to consider.  The following is the paper that resulted from my research and considerations then.  I believe that the information is even more relevant today, as too many children languish in multiple foster homes while the "ideal adoption" never comes.  Please see also the recent article by Al Hunt, as always "full of sound and fury", but on this occasion signifying something important."

Child Custody and the Homosexual Parent

Blocking Gay Adoptions Hurts Kids",
        by Albert Hunt, The Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2002, p A 23.

When figures lie, and liars figure...
Alice in Wonderland -
"Miffing the Myth Makers,"
        by John Leo
Nuclear Families, Still the Nucleus of Society -
"Married with Children,"
        by John Leo
The Decline and Fall of...America?
"Prole Models,"
        by Charles Murray

"Civility and Citizenship in Washington's America and Ours,"
        by Charles R. Kesler

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