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Point and Counterpoint: Abortion and Alternatives - Article 23, for Sunday, January 28, 2007


For many months we have been offering facts, insights and opinions in this bulletin in the areas of Abortion, Morality and Ethics for your consideration.  All of these 22 articles are available on the web site, using the site’s search engine for “Point and Counterpoint”. And we continue to thank our Pastor, Father Joseph Castaldi, for this valuable opportunity.  Last month we promised to pursue related matters as they apply in the theology of other religions, through which "we hope to understand the rationale for their positions and to look for areas of agreement which would facilitate dialogue and ultimately lead to consensus." 

The life of the Spirit involves - first of all - Faith in One God.  It also involves for us the Roman Catholic Church...and for others their own Religions.  Thus, the spectrum extends from Theism / Natural Law through "Positivism" - Rationalism - Irreligion to what has been called Secular Progressiveism  (at best amoral and at worst immoral), and ultimately to Atheism.  In our opinion, the crucial battle of our age is not a battle among Religions, but rather between all Religions versus all the other "-isms". 

The Roman Catholic Church is "One, Holy, Catholic and Universal".  For us it is the one true Religion.  But is it, really?  Is it the only one true Religion? Is it the only way to a person's salvation?  And must we even be "born again" in order to be saved?  Whether true or not, this approach is perceived as arrogant and counter-productive in the eyes of members of other Religions, our allies in the crucial battle of our age...for Theism and Natural Law and against all the other aberrations. 

That is why we will offer, in the next several months, the views of spokesmen for other Religions on the same subjects that we have addressed, issues of Abortion, Morality and Ethics.  Early among these will be Judaism, Protestantism and Islam.  And why not?  At heart, we Catholics are all Jews; we have just proceeded further in our development.  Truth be known, Martin Luther was the best thing to happen to the Church, which at the time was descending into a morass of immorality and injustice.  And Islam has both Judaism and Catholicism as its foundation.  Furthermore, all these Religions have at the heart of their belief system a form of the Golden Rule, until they are usurped and bastardized by self-serving individuals or groups. 

So, let us reason and pray together.  The first of these offerings will appear in late February, presenting the perspective of Judaism.  These offerings may also be augmented by public meetings and dialogue, if there is sufficient interest.  There certainly should be, given the state of the world today.

Peter Moore, PhD    George A. Sprecace, M.D., J.D.

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