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Point and Counterpoint: Abortion and Alternatives - Article 5, for Sunday, April 30, 2006

News From The Front:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

(The following news reports are from, published April 1-15, 2006.  These reports can be read in their entirety on that web site, which may be accessed directly or via a link at  See also all earlier columns in this series on this site, at the Involved Citizen - Abortion offerings).

The Good: Missouri House approves tax breaks for crisis pregnancy center donations.
The Bad: Abortion drug RU 486 likely more dangerous than FDA numbers suggest.
The Ugly: Professor who vandalized pro-life display against abortion, and who encouraged his students to do the same, is tied to pro-abortion groups.
The Good: Florida Supreme Court upholds abortion information law helping women.
The Bad: Abortion would still be legal in 43 States even if Roe v. Wade overturned.
The Ugly: Researchers saying unborn babies can't feel pain tied to pro-abortion groups.
The Good: Vermont Legislature advances safe haven bill to protect abandoned babies.
The Bad: Kentucky House fails to debate abortion bill giving women more info.
The Ugly: New York City, abortion haven, training ground for abortion practitioners.
The Good: Pro-life women head to Washington to lobby on abortion, stem cell research.
The Bad: Arizona Governor vetoes bill telling women of fetal pain during abortion.
The Ugly: Congressional bill would legalize unlimited abortion, overturn pro-life laws.
The Good: Pro-life television campaign reduces abortions, helps pregnant women.
The Bad: Eighth medical organization acknowledges abortion breast cancer link.
The Ugly: British study finds pre-mature babies experience pain; abortion implication.
The Good: House backs amendment helping college students find abortion alternatives.
The Bad: Oklahoma pro-life bills on abortion die as Senate refuses hearings.
The Ugly: Abortion practitioner who killed girl in failed abortion hits pro-lifer with car.


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