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Secondly, the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI could easily be due to failing health and stamina.  However, his recent final homily as Pope was a broadside against the "disarray" in the Church and thus raises other possible reasons. For he has been party to the dismantling of the "aggiornamento" (ie, bringing up to date) of Vatican ll, and the consequent disillusionment of large segments of the Laity, the "Body of the Church". And he was party, as was most of the leadership of the Church, to the decades-long Obstruction of Justice perpetrated by the clerical sinners within their own ranks.  There's your "disarray".  In fact, the First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians, read at all Masses on January 27, 2013, describes what would happen if a body, one but with "many parts", would see one part rise up against another part.  And we all have seen some of that in the Hierarchy's immoral and illegal  handling of the clergy sex scandals.  So, now let's see if the leadership has learned anything.  Let's see who the College of Cardinals elects as the next Pope..and whether they realize the crying need for meaningful reform in the Church: in its procedures and in a couple of its ill-conceived Magisterial tenets.  Let's see...and let's Pray.


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