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As witnessed with reference to the other offerings in this section, there are times when I am provoked to offer a  counter-point to the positions of my chosen Church.  That is not unique to me. It has been going on for the entire 2,000 years of the Church's existence, and for the numerous times that Church teaching has been in error - often for hundreds of years at a time. 
In addition to my faithful membership in the Catholic Church for nearly 79 years, regular reading of the offerings in "Zenit: The World Seen from Rome" ( sometimes provides the stimulus.  Such is the case today regarding several recent articles:

To this I offer some observations, dealt with in greater detail in other offerings in this section on The Catholic Church. 
Some of the teachings of the Church during the last 150 years have been disastrous for the continued relevance of the Church to the grandfathers and fathers of the "young people" as well as to themselves.  These have largely been in the area of human sexuality, wherein the Church has refused to absorb and integrate the relevant findings of Science in those decades. Worst is the teaching of the "unitive" function of the sex act that allegedly "must always be open to procreation".  As this is deemed to relate to the decisions and actions of committed married couples in the discharge of their responsibility to have children whom they can properly raise, the Church has no jurisdiction, in my opinion.  As it relates to sex outside of marriage, the age-old prohibitions regarding Adultery and Fornication are clear enough.  But the result of this situation is that the Church is alienated from and totally ignored by the vast majority of otherwise faithful Catholics.  The other result is that this subject matter is left to the lay press to confuse, as in the recent offering in the Sunday Times Magazine article entitled "Teaching Good Sex" (November 20, 2011).  What a vital and wasted opportunity on the part of Church teachers.  What a gross self-inflicted wound, given the clear scientific - and personal - insights regarding the importance of sexuality and the sex drive in the lives of all human beings as created by God.


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