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Zenit: The World Seen From Rome

In this offering, I refer to a number of articles available at*****?l=english.

The specific reference ***** will be given in each case. 

  1. “The Health Care Council and “Humanae Vitae”…30320.

This statement explores no new ground, re-emphasizing the “unitive and procreative” demand on a married couple for which I find no jurisdiction, as outlined elsewhere in these offerings.  It also indicts contraception while giving “Natural Family Planning” an undeserved pass.  It unnecessarily faults In Vitro Fertilization, again within the marriage bond, while offering no solution to the valid problem of excess fertilized ova – human beings – like adoption or Christian burial.  And in the process, the Church remains irrelevant to a large number of good Catholic married couples in some of the most formative years of their lives.   Not good.  Not necessary. 

  1. Teens, Sexuality, and John Paul 11’s Teaching”…30319.

Some good material and ideas here, after a while. 

  1. Fatherless, Motherless, Childless: A 40-Year War, Parts 1,2”…30277,30281.

This has value, but once again goes too far without basis, setting up straw men where convenient. 

  1. More On Marriage and Contraception”…30296.

More moral gymnastics.  For example: a) if a married couple initially practices contraception, even for valid reasons, the marriage is “not consummated”; b) “It follows that should they conceive a child contrary to their intentions, they do so by means of a non-marital act”.  Nonsense. 

  1. Archbishop: Fidelity Isn’t Easy, But Worth It”…30254.  Critical, complex, hard…and made unnecessarily harder by gratuitous Church positions.  
  2. Archbishop Chaput On Liberty And Mission”…30180.

 An excellent exposition of the challenges to the Catholic Church in the world today…and to the Laity as well as to the Hierarchy…if the Hierarchy would only recognize that fact, rather than marginalizing the Body of the Church.

  1. Just Cause and Natural Family Planning”…29625.

A useful article which acknowledges the right and responsibility of a married couple to act judiciously in the planning and sizing of their family.  Of course, once again it gives a pass to Natural Family Planning, where…as with the use of contraceptives by such a committed couple…both the intent (“Mens Rea”) and the action (“Actus Reus”) are there to thwart procreation at that time.   A distinction without a difference, in my opinion as a good Catholic with a well-formed conscience. 

  1. US Bishops Clarify Abortion ‘For’Mother’s Health”…29714.

Another useful article regarding the most serious societal cancer in our midst.  And this includes the situation with regard to “incest and rape”.  “Can you hear me now?”

  1. Unmasking The ‘Ella’ Masquerade”…30157.

This is one of several articles regarding Ulipristal, an abortifacient like “Plan B” posing as a contraceptive.  Perhaps the Church this time will not cave in, as the Connecticut Hierarchy did scandalously a few years ago in allowing Plan B to be required in Catholic hospitals.

  1. Ratzinger Students To Consider Vatican ll”…30162.

And well they should.  For the work of the Council was obstructed by Pope Paul VI in the late 1960’s; and its actions have been under attack since then.  How does that square with the Catholic Church being “One, Holy, Catholic and Universal”? 

The offerings in Zenit are well worth reviewing regularly, despite their frequent ponderous prose and sometimes conclusory pronouncements. 

And why do I bother to monitor the activities of the Church closely?  Precisely because I am a good Roman Catholic of formed right conscience.  I am merely trying to correct a modus operandi, which has become altogether too standard in recent decades, wherein the Hierarchy pretends to talk with the Laity…and the Laity pretends to listen.  That is a prescription for decline and failure, as is occurring rapidly in Europe, where the Church should be strongest.  We are not talking about Faith here.  We are talking about a Hierarchy that has become arrogant, isolated and insulated from its Body of the Church.  As long as that continues, I will not go quietly into the sunset.            

George A. Sprecace, M.D., J.D.

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