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My offering here refers exclusively to the efforts of a committed and loving married couple to have a child, their own biologic child, in addition hopefully to adopted children, where they cannot otherwise do so.  It includes their intent to protect any "surplus embryos" from destruction by any means. It includes their use of means outside of normal sexual intercourse to obtain their sperm and egg if necessary since, in my opinion, masturbation and non-abortifacient contraception are not always sinful - again exclusively with relation to the above -described married couple.

Here the rule in The Law relating to a "criminal act" may be helpful.  What is required in that context are both the Actus Reus and the Mens Rea. Here the Mens Rea is not to defy the Will of God - which in this context could be determined to be to raise a child or children "for the honor and glory of God".  And it is not to conceive human embryos - human beings from the moment of conception - for their destruction.  Within these proper moral and practical safeguards, no "criminal" Mens Rea would exist.  Every other intent or use is, in my considered opinion, morally wrong.

Now, why should I as a devoted member of the Catholic Laity for all of my nearly 83 years, be expressing any opinion at all on this subject? Because I am a member of the Laity - "the Body of the Church".  I have earned that right through careful thought, study and prayer.  If I am wrong...please God forgive me and enlighten me.
The following report seems to be well-balanced and sensitive.  I hope that the Synod currently debating other vital issues regarding Catholic family life will be as balanced and sensitive.


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