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Rapid Response for SUNDAY through SUNDAY, September 20 through 27, 2015

Pope Francis, a potentially transformative architect of the Catholic Church, here addresses the two most serious problems - and greatest opportunities - facing the Church.  These are the marginalization of the Laity, the "Body" of the Church, and the marginalization of womanhood.

Expressed in another way: "PRAY, PAY, AND OBEY" for the Laity; and potentially endless pregnancy for women.  Pope Paul VI derailed the vision of Vatican ll, although not "Ex Cathedra", with his pronouncements against all Contraception and for the "Unitive Function" of all Sex - even within the marital bedroom.  Wrong - and the direct cause of 45 years of decline of the Church and of the popularization of Abortion.

The Laity is the potential strength of the Church. And women are the unique strength of the Laity, with qualities and strengths that men can only dream of.  This Vicar of Christ on Earth appears to realize that.  Now, let us see him implement that realization through a much greater role for the Laity in the structure and function of  the Church...and in opening the Priesthood to women.  To do these things he will have to have "an iron fist in a velvet glove".  Until then, he will be only POTENTIALLY TRANSFORMATIVE.


Pope Francis praises women’s ‘immense contribution’ to church during Philadelphia visit - Yahoo! In-Depth

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