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I certainly hope that Pope Francis is not "All Hat and no Cattle".  I certainly hope that signs of promise that good sense will be restored to a sclerotic Church Hierarchy will be pursued.  However, the latest pronouncement from the Holy See's doctrinal office regarding the continued ban on Holy Communion for divorced and re-married Catholics belies that. 

Permission to receive Holy Communion in these circumstances would not undercut the Church's stand on the permanence of Matrimony.  It would not recognize divorce with re-marriage.  It would merely eliminate an unnecessary self-inflicted wound on itself while demonstrating the mercy and forgiveness that it forever espouses.  Meanwhile, hiding behind the fig-leaf of "Annulment" as practiced since the unwisely expanded and abused conditions established for this "finding" in the late 1960's adds insult to injury.  Adding more insult is the scandalous failure of Church authorities to ban from Holy Communion all of those high-flying "Catholic" politicians and connected public figures who fail to condemn the abomination of Abortion and who actively espouse it. 

Holy Father, you will be disputed and obstructed every step of the way in your efforts to implement the substance and spirit of Vatican ll, a goal absolutely vital to restoring the health of the Church.  In these efforts, I pray for you...and for the Laity: the Body of the Church suffering in the pews.


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