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One would never guess, from the abundant and turgid prose reported regularly on "Zenit...The World Seen From Rome" (see link) and from the occasional Papal Encyclical (including the most recent one), that the Catholic Curch regularly engages in a conspiracy of silence.  As the man said in the movie: "What we have here is a failure to communicate".  I have previously made this point in earlier offerings under this continuing series (see "Catholic Church", under "Abortion, Morality and Ethics" on this web site. 

But the opportunities for reinforcement unfortunately never end.

  • The suppression, through zealous neglect and outright obstruction,  of initiatives by lay organizations like "Voice of the Faithful", which died aborning; (where are Cardinal John Henry Newman and Vatican ll when we need them?); 
  • The cave-in by the Bishops of Connecticut on the Plan B abortifacient pill which the State legislature forced upon all hospitals...including Catholic Hospitals;
  • The financial starvation of Catholic schools in various parts of the Diocese of Norwich, including St. Bernard High School, in some cases leading to closure - which should never happen - and without explanation or meaningful consultation with the Laity;
  • The furor raised over a legislative proposal to open Church finances to Lay oversight;
  • The appeal to the United States Supreme Court (!) of a Connecticut Supreme Court ruling that would require Clergy sex scandal case files to be opened to the public...alleging contractual agreements (despite the underlying issues being against public policy) and alleging the First Amendment Freedom of Religion safeguards (where the underlying issues certainly had nothing to do with "religion" and had much more to do with "obstruction of Justice");
  • At least 90 years of sadism and sex scandals perpretrated against children in Ireland, that bastion of Catholicism, initially "discovered" in 1975 and further suppressed until very recently;
  • Addressing, always in an outcome-determinative way, and with the same level of urgency, such issues as contraception, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, homosexuality, euthanasia and "natural death";
  • Addressing world economics in other-worldly terms, without dealing with a Liberation Theology for the un-propertied masses of the fact supressing that Liberal Theology in the 1980's in Latin America;

This Catholic Hierarchy evidently thinks it is suppressing controversy and enhancing its own authority through these methods.  It is doing the opposite.

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