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Trust - and the “Fourth Estate”

The role of a Free Press in America is a foundation stone of our Constitution and of our liberty.  How else could democracy operate without an informed electorate and a trustworthy Press?

But something has happened in the last 30 years on the way to the  printing presses.  What was  once called “yellow journalism” now  passes as the standard: editorializing,  not only in editorials, but in every report and news story.  You know what an editorial is:  opinion and slant, hopefully fact -based, but opinion  nevertheless.  You think you know what a news report is: an unbiased factual presentation - but it very often isn’t.  Either obviously or through subtlety, by commission or omission, the writer and his or her editor present opinions disguised as fact.  This is not an aberration.  It’s now what is taught in Journalism schools.

Given the massive bias of most of the American Press, especially the press along both coasts of America, toward ultra-liberalism, an involved citizen would do well to choose his reading material carefully in order to receive some semblance of balance approaching fact.  This is especially true in an election year, and especially  with the “fabricator-in-chief” currently inhabiting the White House.

In order to  help in this regard, I will occasionally offer published selections which, if read, will produce more light than  smoke.  The following are several.  More will follow.

1) Newsweek, 8/21/2000. pp38-46: “The Precarious Prince”
2) Wall Street Journal, Wed., 8/16/2000, p22:
a) “Lieberman Is A Great Choice - for Bush”, by William Bennett
b) “ The Kingfish, And His Pilot-Fish”

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