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Don’t just stand there - do something!

Of the few legitimate classes of “victims” in this country are our children.
They are victims of bumbling parents, who often seem afraid of their kids; of absentee parents, or one - parent households; of parents who want to be “pals”with their kids...even to the extent of sharing drugs with them; of parents who physically and psychologically abuse them with impunity.
They are victims of a society that bombards them with violence and sex, with lies and hypocrisy, and with a glorification of mediocrity in the guise of “democracy”.

Is it, then, any wonder that they become confused, disappointed,  injured, then angry and destructive - toward others and toward themselves. In this context, school shootings are just another symptom of the debasement of our society during the last 35 years beginning with the critical  damage inflicted from the Vietnam War and its side-effects.  The reader is here referred to several other offerings appearing on my  web site which expand on these issues (

And what do we do about all this, particularly when there is another school shooting?  We put on sad faces, wring our hands, mouth platitudes, and - in the case of the media - milk the tragedy for all it’s worth.

And what else!?  There are no insoluble problems, just incompetent and/or unmotivated problem-solvers.  What can be done most be based on the truth that both actions and words have consequences.  Consequences mean  responsibility, with or without blame. Even our constitutional  Freedom of Speech prohibits “crying ‘fire’ in a crowded theater”.

A) Parents:  They should be held civilly and criminally liable for the illegal use of a gun from their household by a member of that household.
B) Perpetrating Students:  Those above age 10 should uniformly be charged as adults, in the absence of proven and legitimate mental incapacity;  and all children should be advised of this, with specificity.
C) All Students:   All students  should be required to sign an Honor Code addressing  cheating, and  also informing about fellow students who display erratic or threatening words or behavior, including what passes for “bullying” but which is nothing less than assault/battery.  Breach of this Code should be subject to expulsion for one year.  In addition, search of lockers and personal effects, should be an option for principals based upon mere suspicion; metal detectors and security personnel should also be options for principals, at their discretion.
D) Adults:  We should end the hypocrisy in our lives.  Kids know what’s going on.  They know, by our example, what kind of world they are preparing to join.
School Personnel should take and enforce the same Honor Code.
Police personnel should eliminate the “Blue Wall”.  They are public servants, who wield extraordinary power, and their primary duty is to the public.
Attorneys are “Officers of the Court”, a duty at least as important as their duty to their client, and one which at times must trump in the interests of truth.
Physicians should reject the “conspiracy of silence”, still alive and well, with the realization that their first duty is to their patients and to the  public.  That’s what they vowed to do; and that’s what they buy malpractice insurance for.
Corporate employees should be given “whistler-blower” protection, and corporate officers should be held personally liable for corporate acts which injure the public welfare with their knowledge.
Judges should apply the law to the facts and should mete out appropriate justice. They should  not be social workers or schlock psychiatrists of last resort.
The Media should practise self-censorship, or should be subject to appropriate rules of production consistent with a broad societal sense of propriety.  Society should not be captive to execrable output, under the guise of “personal freedom” and political correctness, which undermines the foundation of a society - and which itself becomes totalitarian.
The Clergy  should always be role models, and should never be complicit - either by commission or by omission - in the bad acts of their members.
Drug Users (including the excessive use of alcohol) should be subject to mandatory treatment.
Drug Pushers, to any degree, should be jailed -for increasing periods of time for recidivists.
We need a return to responsible, civil, honorable society.  This can be achieved without loss of any significant freedom.  Of course, the greatest freedom is the freedom to monitor oneself.  Ultimately,  a society that does not take measures to protect itself cannot and should not survive.  And in that process, the measure of a society is how it takes care of the weakest within it. Will we act?  Stay tuned.


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