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The commentary and articles offered on this web site regarding public education in this country should lead any fair - minded person interested in the subject to a sense of disgust and outrage: disgust with the gross negligence reflected in the results of 35 years of politically correct educational experimentation; and outrage that individual teachers, most “educators” and the reactionary National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers remain unrepentant, refuse to learn the obvious lessons, and block obvious solutions.  If the medical profession had had comparable results to show in health care - over a much shorter period of time - we physicians would and should have been jailed.

Initially, the teaching profession and public education were victimized by a society that decided dishonestly to solve its problems of family disintegration, mental disease and drug troubles by dumping them on a school system in no way  designed to deal with such issues.

But then something happened.  Instead of protesting and fighting those destructive policies, the professionals organized, hunkered down, took care of themselves and left the field of battle.  In Medicine, this would be called abandonment.  Worse yet, the organized teaching profession, the most politically powerful union in the country, has played a persistently obstructionist role regarding any proposed solution other than continuing to throw good money after bad,   and to support failed policies and hare - brained human experimentation on  children.

Only an aroused public,  the too often derelict and disinterested parents, honest teachers and taxpayers can counteract the groveling acquiescence of our political “leaders” to the dictates of these unions.  Enough of this dictatorship as our children and grandchildren lose their one most important chance for a productive and fulfilling life.  Only a real dose of competition  - and pain - will produce the necessary changes in our public education system, and then only simultaneously  with society addressing honestly the issues of family disintegration,   untreated mental diseases and the drug problem in our midst.


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