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Human beings have always known that their lives are finite, and that this world is finite.  But some have always tried to define the opposite...the finite terms:"billions of this and billions of that".  And they keep being surprised when they keep failing.  Make a stronger Hubble and you'll find more and more.  But you'll never be able to get your arms around the Infinite - at least perhaps until those fortunates among us actually end our finite lives and enter the Infinite...thanks to a very merciful God. 
This is what many scientists and others who are atheists refuse to accept.  Call it Pride.  Call it ignorance.  It doesn't matter.  For even these people have a chance for the Infinite...thanks again to a very merciful God. 
Are there other beings on other galaxies, also made "in the image and likeness of God" and also endowed with free will?  I don't know, and I don't care, although I suspect that we are God's only experiment.  If there are, I hope to have a drink with them at the bar scene in Star-Trek when we all are in the Infinite and with The Infinite.


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