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Choice Footnote

Antonio Villaraigosa says running for Mayor of Los Angeles in next week's election is "an 18-hour-a-day job." So it's convenient that the state teachers union has hired him as a consultant to "campaign" for more school funding.  Mr. Villaraigosa refused to disclose how much the union is paying him, although disclosure statements indicate it's at least $10,000 a year.  The money comes in handy because Mr. Villaraigosa is paying tuition to send his two children to private Catholic schools.  When asked about this in a debate, he replied, "I'm doing like every parent does.  I'm going to put my kids in the best school I can." He joins Al Gore, Bill Clinton and a host of other politicians who opt out of failing schools and send their own children to private schools while denying other parents the same choice.

The preceding was published in the Wall Street Journal on June 1, 2001 and followed the article, Cleveland Chooses.

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