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Attack Disease, Not Symptoms


As reprinted in the New London Day, Sunday May 30. 1999


After Columbine

Several weeks have passed since the Columbine High School tragedy, weeks filled with generally politically safe commentary, and with yet more tragedy nationwide. American society is still intent on putting Band-Aids on cancer. This country is currently showing the symptoms and signs of a serious chronic illness, which has been developing for the last 30 years. Gone are the days of taking two aspirin and calling our legislators in the morning. Treatment now requires major surgery on both political body and personal soul.

The symptoms of this disease are abundant.

1. The so-called sexual revolution of the 1960's has developed into a morose obsession with sexual mechanics without regard for the concepts of sexuality and intimacy The multimedia overstimulation has produced a desensitized society that cannot achieve satisfaction without ever stronger stimuli. More is less.

2. The obsession with "me" instead of "us" has produced in some people an inevitable emptiness leading to a culture of death.

Not only the shooters, but also otherwise normal people promote this through the defense of abortion, even the abomination of late-term abortion, through child and spousal abuse, and through promotion of the "right to die" rather than the rights and responsibilities associated with living. The main pathogen here is the failure of family life in many ways: childbirth out-side of wedlock, one-parent families, warehousing children in day-care centers or in front of the TV. In such situations, children and adults will find membership wherever they can.

3. We have no effective leaders. Being politically correct and electable are the only goals our officials pursue. Then there are some black leaders who seem intent on replacing effective integration with separatism and therefore permanent second class status. And there are the hyphenated Americans promoting a Balkanized nation. Forget about the American Revolution and the Civil War

4. The articulate, arrogant, and asinine ultra-liberals who have not learned a thing in 30 years, demand evermore expanded rights, more "victims," more regimentation of thought, even in our universities, which meekly acquiesce. This country has always been in greater danger of totalitarianism from the Left than from the Right.

5. Today's "tolerance" of social deviations of all kinds reflects more a disinterest and cynicism than it does tolerance. And many adults and their children do not know the difference between fault and responsibility, whining about the "blame game."

6. As many parents dropped the ball in parenting,the education profession has been torn from its mooring by the combined results of its own failed theories, practiced as raw research on humans, and by the unfair assignment by society of new roles for schools totally at odds with their mission: substitute parents, day-care centers, mental health facilities, physical rehabilitation centers, and reform schools, all this under the democratic-sounding rubric of "mainstreaming."

The teaching profession, faced with this attack, took care of itself through collective bargaining and then hunkered down as if for trench warfare. What a shame.

These are some of the symptoms and signs of the disease with which we are currently experiencing in America. What treatment methods do we have at hand?

· Parents and society: teach and practice personal responsibility from early childhood. Wake up! Take control of yourselves and of your children. Children need to be socialized, civilized. This takes time, not "quality time," only enough time. Without this children will find membership in alternative and often damaging groups. In the absence of effective parents society should terminate parental rights -in 1oco parentis" -- and should facilitate adoptions long term orphanages and kibbutzim. The final step should be universal military or specific public service draft Two generations of young people have sorely missed that socializing and democratizing experience. This approach would once again generate true self-worth in place of the artificial "self-esteem" now being developed with smoke and mirrors.

· Schools should be for learning the three R's and for learning about society, its opportunities and responsibilities. They need to be restored to their proper roles. Furthermore, schools are special places which the U.S. Supreme Court decision of many years ago should apply: freedom of speech does not allow one to shout, "fire" in a crowded theater. Threatening and racist language, dress and actions must be effectively prohibited. with the full support of society , its laws and its justice system.

· Our court system should return to its role as arbitrator of fair procedure at all times and of justice whenever possible. Judges should not be the welfare workers of last resort. Actions must have consequences. And prisons should not be a step up for any criminal. Rather, they should be Camp Lejeune-like facilities providing appropriate life experiences and extracting retribution when warranted.

· Demand truthfulness, character, responsiveness and results from our legislators. Implement real campaign reform, especially as relates to corporate donations. Remember, "business ethics" is an oxymoron. Today, elective offices and the votes they control are being bought and sold daily. When necessary throw the bums out.

· God is alive, but heartsick over developments overtaking His favorite of all creations. Talk to Him. Go back to visiting Him regularly at the place of worship of your choice. It will do you an eternity of good.

There are many other treatment modalities available to us all. Will we use them? I don't know. But I work and I pray that the situation does not once again devolve into the 'American Way" of solving problem throughout our history: crisis, severe pain. war, depression, more war, and assassinations. Let's hope we wake up in time this time.


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